Crap- It's a girl! I need a parenting plan. - Latest Tips & Droppings For Business Owner Dads
A parenting plan for a girl. Time to help our daughters become powerful and free.
Parenting Plan
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Crap- It’s a girl! I need a parenting plan.

Crap It’s a Girl. Time for a parenting plan.
Suddenly there she was. A messy, gunky and beautiful heap. Like a start-up company but less bravado.

My mind jumped to the future joy of embarrassing boyfriends, relishing the dead-pan ‘what are your intentions with my daughter?’ question…But that’s years away.
First I need a plan. A parenting plan for this wonderful feminine start-up.

My ‘business plan’: I want to bring up a daughter who is powerful and free. I want to recognise the unique challenges women face in society and in the workplace and help her navigate them.

I want to keep that plan in mind, like a vision statement for how I want to parent. ‘Powerful and Free’. My recruitment company started with a core belief of authenticity, but now the stakes are higher.

I want to nurture my start-up human so she knows who she is and what she’s about. Help her navigate the pitfalls of being in a society that is still working out how to treat powerful women, a society that still has a glass ceiling.  This parenting plan will help remind me that she faces unique challenges and lots of hidden societal dogma that can hinder her freedom.

Then there is the gender question-

What do I do if she decides she doesn’t like pink, underweight dolls or princesses? That’s 99%of girls’ toys out the window! Alternatively what if she loves pink, princesses AND ponies? What will my progressive friends think? Will that be a reflection on my backward parenting?

Then I breathe.

Because although these are great questions, and we’ll get to explore them together, step by step it’s actually much simpler than that.
She’ll learn about how to be a powerful and free woman the same way I’m learning to be a powerful a free man. From the amazing people in her life who are on the same journey. From the powerful women around her and the women who have made their mark in her-story.
In the meantime, I’ll have to remember that her expectations of how women should be treated will not come from her newsfeed or mass media but from her watching how I treat her mother.

What’s your parenting plan?

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