Bad Dad, Good Businessman? - Latest Tips & Droppings For Business Owner Dads
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Bad Dad, Good Businessman?

Bad Dad, Good Businessman?

I was recently at a business event, on the stage were four successful entrepreneurs who had all floated their businesses on the stock market.

Someone from the audience asked them how much holiday they took in the first 10 years of their business. Here were the answers:



“None until I had a stroke”

“None, I just compensated myself by buying things I liked.

The audience seemed impressed, people began pencilling this ‘winning’ strategy down. I felt extremely uncomfortable.

Last week I decided to share on LinkedIn that I’m expecting to be a dad for the first time. I initially hesitated, was I crossing a line, would people take me less seriously? But authenticity has always been a core value of mine, and my business ; when people are real it’s usually better for everyone.

The response was positive and surprising, I received some great advice, and people were equally vulnerable in return.

See original post here:

But now my question is – were those four holiday-less entrepreneurs able to be good fathers? Or do I have to choose between being a good dad and a good business person?

There is lot’s that is rightly said about mums who work, and that conversation needs to keep happening.

But is there a conspiracy of silence when it comes to working Fathers? Do we need to choose between one responsibility and another?

Should we be broadcasting our tired eyes as well as our new cars (with vomit soaked interior)?

What do you think?

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