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Homepage for, a "dad business blog" written by Ben Woollard about how to be a dad and a business owner at the same time. No easy feat, but well worth the while
dad business blog, dad advice for business owners
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Let’s Get Acquainted What’s that? No, it’s not some kind of faeces unique to dads. It’s a blog, muppet. A dad business blog, to be precise. What-what.

Tired parent? Working dad? Trying to run a business or work at the same time? Feeling exhausted and out of your depth? Looking for someone else who feels your pain, who can give you a bit of a leg up and drop a few funnies to lighten your otherwise hectic day?

Through dirty nappies, sleepness nights and zombie-wife miscommunications, my dad business blog will be just a few smartphone-taps away. My name is Ben Woollard, and I am here to share my droppings with you.

Enjoy the latest dad droppings from Ben below.